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Patenting- This guy can sue each and every Linux User

Found this article on geeknews.org (little may be a lot old) but is of

The Windowing Patent

Posted @ 23:00 CST - November 7, 1999

The Windowing technique used by lots of companies as a quick Y2K fix has
been in the news lately because it has been patented by Bruce Dickens,
an employee of aircraft manufacturer McDonnell Douglas.  As a result,
they have been actively pursuing companies that use this technique to
pay them or face legal action.  Besides making me want to laugh and cry
at the same time, this development also becomes of significant concern
to Linux users because this technique is a part of the Intel-specific
portion of the Linux kernel source.  Yup, it is conceivable that these
guys could sue Linux users.  But the question is would they win in the
long run?  In general I think this is a pretty sorry thing to sue people
about, it's not like it is some massive technical finding, it's 2 lines
of code for gosh sakes!  Read more about it here.

Read more about it here link


Jaswinder Singh Kohli
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