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Re: useradd and passwd

Hi Vivek,

>>>>> "Vivek" == Vivek Chawla <vivek.chawla@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    Vivek> But how do I generate that encrypted password from a simple
    Vivek> password in a shell script or a perl script.
    Vivek> The crypt function mentioned is a c library function ?

From the perlfunc man page:

       crypt PLAINTEXT,SALT
               Encrypts a string exactly like the crypt(3) func­
               tion in the C library (assuming that you actually
               have a version there that has not been extirpated
               as a potential munition).  This can prove useful
               for checking the password file for lousy pass­
               words, amongst other things.  Only the guys wear­
               ing white hats should do this.
 [snipped man page]


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