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A move from sco 3.2 to linux

Hi Yashpal,

You shouldn't have any problems with migration.  FoxBase for SCO
should run under iBCS (the Intel compatibility module available for
Linux, which manages to run most SVR4/SCO programs without any
problems) and you can buy 8/16-port serial cards for Linux quite
cheap.  If you're lucky, you may even be able to pull your multiport
card out of your SCO box and plug it into Linux.  Have a look at the
multiport drivers in the kernel.


-- Raju

>>>>> "Yashpal" == Yashpal Nagar <nagar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Yashpal> Hi!  Friends, One of my colleague want some assistance on
    Yashpal> moving from sco sytem V (3.2) to linux in some
    Yashpal> Govt. department the scenerio is...  1. one sco
    Yashpal> server(486) connected to 8 dumb terminals, all these
    Yashpal> boots from this only server.  2.foxbase programes are
    Yashpal> running on sco server.  Now my questions are...  Were
    Yashpal> linux server will be able to boot these dumb terminals ??
    Yashpal> and what are the probability for running these foxbase
    Yashpal> programes will they run on linux machines without any R&D
    Yashpal> etc ??  please assist

    Yashpal> Regards,

    Yashpal> Yash
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