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Re: [Open CD's??]

well i certainly agree with the idea cause new releases are coming up all the
time sometime for the kernel n sometime for one distribution of the linux or
the other. We should make it a non profit making idea one can get a writable
CD for 15 to 20 rupees (as i know) may be less, and i believe if this much is
going to be the price for a linux dist the user community is going to be
anormous i've met people who are just not getting  the distbn they want!!
i certainly like the idea!!

bye for now!

Neil <neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
well... i was thinking...
are we allowed(linux-delhi) to burn cd's and sell them at a nominal
price(mebbe non profit)???
u c... the only way i get the new kernel/things like gnome or other such
HUGE files is if i find them on a pcq cd.. so what i was thinking is if we
could have a few people dnd the new versions of the openware mebbe every
month or two, and burn some cd's under the linux-delhi name.??
i know of quite a few people who wud be interested in such a deal. 

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