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XF86Config problems & need a XF86Config file as per my PC specs !


I do have another problem now, which is with my monitor.

Red Hat's XConfigurator does not configure my monitor correctly and I get a
blank screen or four screens together i.e. one big and three small ones at
the top.

I even tried the custom install and put the following lines :-

My Monitor's specs are :-

15" LG

Horizontal 30 - 54
Vertical   50 -90
Resolution 1024 x 768 Non Interlace, 60 Hz Refresh Rate.

My Video card is "Trident Microsystems|3DIm`age 975"
Vram is 4096

I am copying the above as it comes in the XF86Config file.

I have a Microsoft compatible serial mouse without any wheels.

104 keyboard

Could you send me a custom XF86Config file that I can install and run ?


Prithu Nath
NewTech Solutions
D-35, Gulmohar Park
New Delhi - 110 049, India
Tel : +91-11-6523281 ; 6518102
Fax: +91-11-6518102

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Hi Prithu,

>>>>> "Prithu" == Prithu Nath <ceo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Prithu> Hi Can anyone assist me in getting my Logitech mouse to
    Prithu> work on Red Hat 7 ?  In the /etc/XF86Config file I have
    Prithu> the following parameter Protocol "Microsoft" Device
    Prithu> "/dev/mouse"

You did'nt mention whether your mouse is a PS/2 or serial, and whether
it has a scroll wheel in the center.

Anyway, run mouseconfig as root and select the appropriate type.  This
program will also update your XF86Config file for you.

    Prithu> Also when I try to use x11 by startx command I get GNOME
    Prithu> automatically. How can I change the configuration to get
    Prithu> KDE ?

Run "switchdesk" (or look in the /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions/ directory for
some clues)

    Prithu> Also where do I configure the system to start x11 on logon
    Prithu> automatically ?

edit the file /etc/inittab, there will be a line like:


Change the 3 above to 5.  The next time you reboot, it will go to X11

Hope it helps,

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