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Re: X-server problem

> Well I have just installed RHL-7 The problem is that my desktop is bigger
> than my screen size at any resolution lower than 1024*768 . Also the
> x-server starts by default at a res of 1024*768 . How do I correct it. My
> display is a generic Intel i740 * MB display card with samtron 55E monitor.
> any help wold be more than welcome.
either try xvidtune or just try using another monitor driver. mebbe one of
those generic 800X600@60 Hz.u can play with different drivers so u can get
a perfect refresh rate/screen size combination.
this is occuring becos of the horiz/vertical refresh rates defined in ur
XF86Config. if ur a huge stud, then mebbe u can change the lines
urself..(i cant seem to even figure the abc of those definitions).. mebbe
im just modest. but i advise against it.