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Re: about apache configuration

> i installed Redhat 7 on my machine along with apache web server.
> Is there a GUI available to configure it or any other way that would make
> easier than editing conf files??
u can use linuxconf to do this. It has quite a comprehensive apache config
But my experience with all these config tools has been that they make it
tougher (and slower) to do simpler things, and most of these gui config
tools can make a nice mess of your config files from time to time. For
something as complicated as the apache config file, it is always better to
edit the config files manually. Also i have seen that most of the advanced
functions are not available on many of these gui config tools. And in any
case if u hav experience with a good editor, manually editing config files
wud be much faster than most of the gui tools and also make u better
understand the whole file structure and the various ways to configure
apache. After some point i hav seen that gui's don't really make much sense.
Even under windows 2000, where most of the stuff is done using gui tools,
there are still things for which u might hav to edit the registry!

> also, i want to know is SSL support is inbuilt with apache or do i have to
> add-on. If yes, how??
> I tried accessing the https service on port 443 from netscpae browser but
> the service isnt running. How do i start it??
i don't know abt red hat 7.0, but with red hat 6.2 u can install modssl and
hav ssl support. There are tons of howtos on how to do this on the net..

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