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system crash - reboot failure

Hi All,

I am writing down the script of my system crash and my attempt to recover

1) unexpected blackout of screen
2) left with no other option but to reboot
3) system halts during startup saying /dev/hda5 file system has
inconsistencies,prompts to run fsck mannualy
4) I still reboot
5) It works
6) abnormal shutdown happens once again next day
7) system halts during startup . /dev/hda5/ - file system currupt
8) I run fsck /dev/hda5 to fix errors
9) the boots normally

Well this all is sounding fine, but i wish to know

1) why the automatic run of fsck fails now
2) Do i need to run any disk defragmentation program on hda5
3) Are 7-10 % non contigous state of partitions acceptable

thanx for reading this, please reply if you can suggest a few things


Vivek Chawla