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Re: Number of Users on Linux

> 1.  How many users can a Redhat Linux 6.2 system support and
depends on what u r trying to do! Though i guess that there are no hard
limits to this, but the main problem is that since the /etc/passwd and the
/etc/shadow are flat files, so for extremely large files, it will take
considerable time to auth a user, etc. so u might like to do things like
ldap based auth for remote users (esp pop3/imap users!)
> 2.  How many POP3 connections can the same system support at a given
> point of time.
normally if u r running the pop3 server thru identd then the limit is around
50, for values above this, it is recomended that u run a different pop3

If u wan't to do mass e-mail hosting, then u can consider using
qmail+vmailmgr for virtual e-mail users. I use vmailmgr on my production
servers, and i find that it can handle a few thousand users per virtual
domain quite comfortably. go to www.vmailmgr.org for more details..

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