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Re: memory upgrade

> i recently added 64mb ram to my already 32mb system.  but proc/meminfo
> only  shows 64mb (i.e. not 32mb as i used to have, nor 96mb which is what
> i expect). here's what /proc/meminfo says

On most motherboards, the linux kernel can not detect more than 64mb of ram,
so u will hav to specify this to the linux kernel. There are two ways to do
this, the easy(but very irritating...) method is to just add "mem=96M" after
the name of your boot image on the lilo prompt (if yr image is linux, then u
will type linux mem=96M). The better alternative is to add this parameter to
the lilo.conf file. To do that add a like append="mem=96M" in for each
different linux kernel image. But remember, that if u hav a motherboard with
onboard video card, then check the bios memory test for the exact size of
your usable ram (i hav seen that the newer intel 815 motherboards don't need
this mem thing!)

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