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I need some guidance on dual booting Linux with other OS.

I have a 30 GB hard drive with 8 partitions.

Partitions 1 has win 98, 2 has winnt, 3 to 6 have MS programs. All are fat
16 and for booting I use winnt's NTLDR.

Partition 7 and 8 are for Linux.

I have a new Bios that can boot from CDROMS and also supports LBA disks.

When I try to install Caldera's 2.3 open server I get the message it cannot
be installed beyond 1024 cylinders. I think there is something to do with
Lilo Linear option. Could not locate an option in Caldera's distribution for

What should I do so that Linux installs beyond 1024 cylinders and I can use
winnt's bootloader for booting Linux ?

Should I use a different distro ?


Prithu Nath

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