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Re: [Offtopic]gnutella

On Wed, Mar 21, 2001 at 03:24:18PM -0500, Neil wrote:
>well... as most of u mp3 freaks out there must already know... most of the
>napster servers are shutting down(not that the are being forced to) and so
>its becomming quite tuff to get connected.
>so i have bn trying my luck with gnutella... altho technologically more
>sound than napster... it basically sucks. it takes me half an hour to find
>a proper seed. and when i do... my dnds just keep getting timeouts as most
>of the bandwidth is used up in keeping the minimum no of connections 
>alive. have any of u had better experiences with gnutella??? or any other
>p2p services on the web???
No mate I had a lovely gnutella experience
I just downloded ton's of mp3s frm gnutella
Also a lot of william gibson. and other good reading.

I rocks but I think It sucks on the networking side.
It takes a lot of bandwidth alright but does the job
also i thing freenet is a lot better in case of technology

BTW I use gtk_gnutella 
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