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Re: Re: Re: signal 11, installation aborted

Thanks to all repliers,
 Finally i get my installation through graphical mode with out any problem from same CD. Now i don't know why there was not any problem , is it becoz that graphical installation is powerful enough  ???


Yashpal Nagar

"neil" <neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Wrote---

> My m/c have EDO RAM & S3 Virge DX graphics card with 4MB of RAM. I was
running some dist. of linux Slackware,Redhat & corel earlier without any
prob on that.
> During installation when i see signal 11 problem then i does ctrl-atl-f3
..f6 it show ATAPI reset completely and something like that.

well u see... signal 11 is a conspiracy... somehow... i am getting signal 11
error too, for totally different reasons, but that is a totally different
just kidding dude.

atapi reset could mean just one thing, bad cd.
throw away that cd and get a new one or get a bettr cdrom drive.


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