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Re: Redhat 7+ ?

On Tue, Mar 20, 2001 at 02:23:24PM +0530, Sunny Holani merrily said:
> 	Sandip, anyone else - Can i borrow that RedHat 7 CD for a day?

Sure thing. Neil, you live next door ... you can get it even more easily.

I have access to the full professional redhat 7.0 box pack(including
four main CDs(2 binary, 1 docs, 1 SRPMS) plus four more CDs with
powertools, db2 for linux and zillions more. 

Problem is, it's an office CD pack. I will try to get them all written
to blank CDs that I have already bought. And then it's your day. ;)

Till now I haven't faced much problem with the upgrade to rh7.0. gcc
IS reported to be broken - even castigated by linus himself. The
question is how and when does it affect us. I have by now compiled
dozens of SRPMS, apache, php, etc etc. And never faced a problem. 
And with most of the RPMs on the net nowadays being linked to
glibc2.2, one HAS to upgrade to the latest glibc. The RH6.2 with glibc
2.1 has given me a lot of problems. 

Also for a person who wants to upgrade X to 4+ *with* RPMs it's a
nightmare with all the dependency problems. It is easier to let the
upgrade process take care of that. 

Catch up with you next meet, Sunny!(unless it doesn't take place at
that end of the Solar System *again*) ;)

- Sandip

Sandip Bhattacharya 
sandipb @ bigfoot.com