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Re: 2.4.1 + XFree86 4 for i810

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From: "Sunny Holani" <sunny@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> 1)Install Potato/Unstable. Minimal install, atleast no X components.

Potato is Stable.  Woody is Unstable.  Actually, Woody is Testing, but that
is another story.

> P.P.S - Woody has XF4, and a tool called daxconf, which does all the dirty
> work for you. So a better bet yet would be to get your hands on Woody --
> and if you do, please pass it on ;)

I don't think there areWoody CD images yet.  As soon as I can locate one, I
will cut a couple of copies and send over.

Sanjeev "ghane" Gupta
Brainbench Linux MVP