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Re: Stalled post to linux-delhi (fwd)

BTW, I had to go through the approval process with my own message with
that subject too ;-)

/\buns\w*b/i is how Majordomo2 matches ``unsubscribe''.  If you don't
know regex's, it means, ``look for a word beginning with "uns" and
having a b somewhere in it; ignore case''.  As you would guess
``unstable'' matches that word.


-- Raju

>>>>> "Sandip" == Sandip Bhattacharya <sandipb@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Sandip> On Sat, Mar 17, 2001 at 12:13:26AM +0530, Sunny Holani
    Sandip> merrily said:
    >> >GLOBAL ADMIN BODY: /\buns\w*b/i matched "unstab" at line 4

    Sandip> That's interesting. Now what exactly is Raj trying to
    Sandip> match here. I tried to think about all the @$#@$ words I
    Sandip> could think of and couldn't pinpoint one.
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