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Stalled post to linux-delhi (fwd)

Yeah, Majordomo2 is in aggressive check mode, so it searches for
common commands and sends them to the list manager.  For instance, if
anyone posts an unsubscribe message to the list, I get it and send it
to the right place, so list subscribers aren't bothered by these
messages.  And believe me, it happens more often than you think!

The price one has to pay for being spared these admin messages is that
sometimes normal messages will look like admin messages and get
bounced to me by Majordomo2, which is what happened to your message.
Sorry about that, but I think it's the lesser of the two evil.


-- Raju

>>>>> "Sunny" == Sunny Holani <sunny@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Sunny> Hey Raju!

    Sunny> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    >> Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 10:40:13 -0800 (PST) From:
    >> linux-delhi-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx To: Sunny Holani
    >> <sunny@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: Stalled post to linux-delhi

    >> Your message to linux-delhi has been delayed pending approval
    >> of the list owner for the following reason(s):

    >> GLOBAL ADMIN BODY: /\buns\w*b/i matched "unstab" at line 4

    Sunny> Now what kind of reason is _that_ ! One cant even use the
    Sunny> word 'unstable' in this free country of ours! ;)

    Sunny> Or is it something too complicated for poor me? :(
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