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Re: 2.4.1 + XFree86 4 for i810


>I am using Debian unstable (woody should work).

Am looking for that. Does anyone have the latest and the greatest Debian
on CDs? :-) Would like to buy/borrow/steal!

>i815 motherboard, kde 2.x, X 4, worked out of the box.  Had issues with
>sound, but X xame up brilliantly.  New install.

Oh. I have an i810. Do both have the same graphic system? The
Intel810GMCH, as they call it? Infact, i have come to believe that my
system is under some spell. Have managed to run X on a couple'f friends'
systems, on Redhat.... but never my own! Redhat or Debian or whatever.

-- Sunny.