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Re: pppd daemon died upexpectedly

Dear Yashpal,

The sure shot solution I tried for PPP Daemon died out is as given below
Open KPPP Dialer
Open Account's "Arguments" tab and make the entry "defaultroute" without quotes.
If you get the error even now then make the following entries in /etc/resolv.conf
nameserver <primary DNS of your ISP>
nameserver <secondary DNS of your ISP>

If none of them works then do tell me I will do more research.

Vivek Khare

Yashpal Nagar wrote:

> Hi friends!
>    I uses kppp dialer , everything fine browsing etc, but after 5-10 minutes , a message comes "pppd daemon died unexpectedly ,set to to debug mode ....turn it on now " Then i gives the yes.
> But still the problem persists.
> please help
> regards
> Yash
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