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Re: Tomcat

First make sure java and ant is running you have to export classpath as ..(assuming java is installed in /usr/local/java & tomcat in /usr/local/tomcat)


Also Export JAVA_HOME ,TOMCAT_HOME,ANT_HOME to where these are installed and try startup.sh in bin dir of tomcat.

Yashpal Nagar

Goldwyn <goldwyn_r@xxxxxxxxxxxx> Wrote---
Hi friends,

I downloaded a recent Tomcat binary (3.2.1) and unzipped/untared it. On 
keying in startup.sh it said - 
Error: Can't find libjava.so.

I changed the path inorder to include it but no use. I even copied it into 
the current directory.

I looked thru startup.sh and tomcat.sh but couldnt find the reason of the 

All kind of help appreciated. 

Moreover where is the list of bootup commands placed. I mean when the 
computer boots up... the list of process (like starting sendmail, starting 
anacron etc)


Goldwyn :o)

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