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Re: C++ compiler on Redhat Linux

Subject: [linux-delhi] C++ compiler on Redhat Linux

> Dear all,

> I have Redhat linux 6.x installed.
ting ting ! time to upgrade.

>This Redhat linux did not have c++ compiler installed at the installation
> So I tried to install package egcs-c++, It gave me dependencies problem
and i had to install the following 5 packages:
> egcs-c++
> egcs
> cpp
> kernel-headers
> glibc-devel

> after installing these five pacages i have got g++ compiler working.

> 1) Am i correct in installing the C++ compiler?
oink !? that depends on weather u need it or not ?! <ducks>

> 2) Is there some rpm i have missed that is needed for C++ on Linux?
Since u arent getting anymore dependency probs...they r ok i guess.

> 3) Does anyone know what is the use of all these rpms in C++ programming?
open GnoRPM...and in languages....choose query on each rpm u wanna know

BTW  why not upgrade to RH 7, and install development packages then ?
although i heard there were some bugs in RH 7 C libs....but they can always
be upgraded. right ?

cya !