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Re: C++ compiler on Redhat Linux

> after installing these five pacages i have got g++
> compiler working.
> 1) Am i correct in installing the C++ compiler?
> 2) Is there some rpm i have missed that is needed for
> C++ on Linux?
> 3) Does anyone know what is the use of all these rpms
> in C++ programming?
Basically if u can compile c++ programs, and then run them, then u don't
need to worry. rpm makes sure that u install all the dependent packages b4 u
install a new 1, so u shud not be missing any package to run the compiler.
Though for c++ development, u might like to hav additional tools, which u
will have to find and install, as and when u require them (either for your
own programs, or to compile 3rd party programs!!)  Personally i prefer to do
a install everything red hat install for my delvelopment/workstation
machines, so i hav never needed to install a cpp compiler.

    /\ |\/| |3 /\ r