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Re: root password

     dont worry! u can recover ur mc.
first of all boot ur mc .at LILO prompt write
LILO: linux single
this will allow  u to login into single user mode
it wont ask u for any username or passwd
now u can again change ur root passwd
just type
it will prompt u 2 enter new passwd
anter new password and do remember it this time

now u may feel then if i can change root passwd from single user mode ,where is security for root passwd?
there is solution for that
u have 2 edit ur /etc/lilo.conf file

u add 2 lines after ur linux kernel boot image


dont forget to put restrited after password
this will promt u for password at LILO if u attempt to pass any parameters at lilo that is it prompt for password if u type linun single ou anyother argument

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001 17:26:25  
 Swayam Cheta Mohanty wrote:
>Dear Sir,
>I am working in Deepalaya a largest operational NGO in Delhi. We have established linux based server in our organisation. We are facing one problem 
>since morning. Somebody has changed our root password. Could you please tell us without login to root, how could we change the root password.
>We would be very grateful to you if you solve our problem.
>Thanks and regards,
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