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Re: RE: [LIH] prompt

Hi Rahul/Mayank

Yeah , the file /etc/issue is created i think in the process. (and for
telnet sessions, the file /etc/issue.net is used if i remember correctly).

To just do a quick test, do the following

first of all save ur existing /etc/issue

change the contents of /etc/issue to whatever u wish
Now try to login
( or change /etc/issue.net if u want to see the results from  a telnet

But if you intend to change the words "login:" , then i think you will have
to get the getty_ps sources and change it in one of the headers, recompile
the stuff and its done.

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check the /etc/rc.d/rc.local script


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> how to change the text "login:" to something else............
> at the login
> prompt
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