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RE: Server HW

I currently run AMD K62 500s. I am a fan of AMD.  I think they are excellent
value for money.
I have a JetWay Motherboard Onboard Sound and Video.
My Server runs SendMail, Cucipop, Apache, Bind, and a lot more.  It runs
that with 64MB RAM it hosts around 400 Sites with 1000 homepages without any
problems.  It still has plenty of free ram according to "free".


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> P III -  800
make this an amd athlon.. better bang for the buck!
> 256 MB RAM
> Mother Board  - Intel (model number?)
use an asus m/b with the intel 815 chipset. Never use original intel
> SCSI interface
Seagate Barracuda or Cheatah
U don't need this in a server, an intel 815 shud suffice
> Sound Card
same as above!
> LAN card
get an intel ether expro pro 100

HP! they are the best in india!
> Laserjet Printer
Get a HP laserjet 2100TN! It is fast, good and quite cheap for a network

> Monitor
get a lg/samtron 14" monitor (u won't be using this except for bootup

> and other peripherals (mouse, keyboard etc)
get a logitech mouse, and a samsung keyboard (for servers i normally
disconnect these to prevent any mishaps, this also includes disconnecting
the reset button, and the power button on the cabinet)

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