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Re: Lug meet Sunday Mar 11

> 1	Pankaj kaushal				penguinhead@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx		5690390 (h) (9pm 8 am)
> 																3960040	(o)	(10 am 7pm)	
> 2	Sandeep kohli				sskolhi@xxxxxxxxx				5458196
> 3	Chetan Dutta				chetan_dutta@xxxxxxxxxxx		7014471
> 4	Supreet Sethi				supreet@xxxxxxxxx				3960040 (o)

> Everything was decoded frm the crypto done with the indus vally
>  script on the sheet of paper.
> So in case of errors mail back to this mail.

error error...
my name is not there.
i was present at the meet. i was just in hiding.
i was in the toilet for the entire duration and so mebbe some of u didnt
see me.
but im sure i sadi hi to some people out there...