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Re: what is this core?

On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Amit Soni wrote:

> > > Please dont try to stop core. It carries a curse.
> > > If u dont let it die. One day all u'll be left in your puter will be
> core.
> > > BTW the IPC allows u to do a "kirya karam" of core later on.
> >           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > Could you explain this to me? I didn't quite understand.
> ummm... I was a serious joke. :o)
> I just wanted to say, that this file can be deleted safely. No harm done to
> your puter.
> IPC is Indian Penal Code....according to that. After the post mortem. u r
> allowed to delete the body.

That wasn't the IPC I had in mind. Silly me :)
I think I've been away from home too long.

bye :)