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RE: Re: [LIP] prgram writting to some port

if you just want to check that a third party app connects to ur server
just do a simple telnet and you will find that it connects

						Harshal Vaidya

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> i have tried with socket programming ,when simply implementing client and
> server the client is reading the string send by server at port XYZ,
> but at the same time when i want to use netscape as client side using
> localhost:portno it says that connection is refused by the server
> what may be the reason ?
That is because netscape expects the other end to be a http server. If u
wan't to get data in the localhost:portno format in netscape, then use the
http protocol on your server. The fastest way to do this wud be using any
web programming language like php3/cgi-perl/java servlet, etc!! And then run
your web server on the port that you wan't! with apache, this is normally
very simple. You just hav to define a new virtual host, if u hav apache
already running on that server!

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