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Re: Modem with linux 7.0


>    I  am in need of modem to work under linux 7.0.If anybody can suggest
> a modem to buy?(i have tried with dax internal 56kbps modem.PPPd error
> is there.,pls comment about other modems wihere linux driver is
> available?).
Most of the newer internal 56kbps modems are the so called Winmodems, and
they normally don't work under linux. If u hav such a modem, then u can try
www.linmodems.org though. Otherwise if u hav any external modem connected
using a serial cable, then u don't need to install any drivers. All the
modern 56k modems hav a fairly standard command set. u just need to use a
dialer to dial using a modem. Search the howtos or the archives of this list
on instructions for setting up a modem for dial up internet access. PC Quest
also carried some nice articles on this, chk out at www.pcquest.com/linux .

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