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Re: halt/shutdown not working --pls help!!

Hi Vinod,

Looks like a rather serious problem in the system.  I could have been
cracked, or there could be hardware problems (disk, memory, etc).

I'd suggest reinstalling after backing up your critical files.


-- Raju

>>>>> "vinod" == vinod abraham <vinodab@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    vinod> Dear Raju, I am stuck.  No way out , pls help This is
    vinod> repost.  vinod

    >> Dear friends, most of the tty's are not taking any command.
    >> kill of process by "kill -9" leading to process going defunct.
    >> No "halt" or "shutdown" command working.  Upon going to su
    >> --msg that "PAM_pwdb [ ] session coming.  i am using linux
    >> 2.2.9 mdk version on penium.  pls help Vinod.
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