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Re: samba?

please do reply, even i am interested in this
i recently got a Solaris server at my workplace and i plan to make it
communicate with WinNt machines using Samba
if nwbody has ne idea about this , do write....


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From: Harshal Vaidya (CTS) <HarshalV@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Pune Lug (E-mail) <plug-mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>; Delhi Lug (E-mail)
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2001 8:58 PM
Subject: [linux-delhi] samba?

> hi all,
> i am interested in communicating with the winnt an win2k machines
> using the SMB protocol.
>       i need help in this .
>    any body who has worked in this field please mail me offlist.
> thank you,
> harshal vaidya.


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