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Neil - Enough of your big brotherly rebukes

> > Fuck you all. What gives you right to be masters.
> > Enough of your shitty and mighty attitude.
> > TO hell with you.
> hey the only one who has an attitude problem out here is u!
> if u can even think that we wud take all the trouble of blocking mails
> from u, ur thinking 2 highly of urself. it seems that u have has a severe
> case of american fever. kill the bad language dip shit. ur not the only
> one with that kinda vocabulary. if u cant behave properly on  a list, dont
> be on it.
> Neil

===> I don't want your opinion. Whenever I seem to regain
my sense of objectivity, your righteous, saintly and big
brotherly reply pops up. Hey man, you are not the final
authority. I am feeling much better now after a brief flare up
yesterday. Please leave me in peace.

Whenever, I need the expertise of your technical know-how, I
will let you know.

I am not expecting any more saintly and bossy views from


with regards,

Aditya Okhal