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RE: intersting info

well tell me ,
hotmail service runs on windows 2000 with iis 5.0
at least hotmail has been around for more than 3 years now
and of course it goes without saying that the machines have been on for 
more than 49.7 days and havent gone down for even a while.
 Then how can one beilieve in the "interesting information which you gave".

						harshal vaidya.

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here is a bit of information which may surprise u.
Windows crashes automatically if you don't switch
off the machine for 49.7 days .This is accepted byMicrosoft.
Do you know why ? If not read this.........................
In Windows the Virtual Machine Manager ( here after
referred as VMM )is responsible for creation ,
execution , monitoring and termination of virtual
machines. This VMM which is a 32 bit protected mode
operating system , provides a number of system
services at chip level of programming .One of these
services is "Get_System_Time".
This particular service loads the EAX register withthe time in
milliseconds since Windows started .This service is accurate to 1 ms.
EAX is a 32 bit register. So the maximum number ofmilliseconds it can hold
(2^32)-1 = 4294967295 milliseconds= 4294967.295 seconds= 71582.79 minutes
= 1193 hours= 49.7 daysSo after 49.7 days the EAX resets to zero. Most of
the Drivers use this Time Service to keep track of
the Time out of various services they provide. So
after 49.7 days the drives cannot use the
get_System_Time function of VMM and they crash.
So do not keep your machine on for more than 49.7
days. It will not only crash but make a big hole in
the pocket (the electricity bill).
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