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Re: Figting Areana

Arre Neil bhai, you have me mixed again.  I am not the only Sanjay around. 
And I am not even a "Sanjay" ;-) 

I agree with you, however, tempers will rise when discussions occur.
Rajesh's maxim is worth thinking over, imagine when posting that you are
at a LUG meeting.  Speak appropriately.

On Sat, 3 Mar 2001, neil wrote:

> > It seems that this lists is used for less of technical
> > discussions and more towards personal figting areana.
> wherever did that come from???
> dear ghane, i agree that offensive language must be avoided at all costs,
> but u must not forget that there are people writing these
> mails. not bots. so, as with most humans... fighting is inborn. its like
> saying hold ur breath wile posting. the air is not for U

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