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Re: houston! 3com did it to me

> not to make any of u out there jelous... but i just upgraded my laptop
> from a compaq armada to a thinkpad.
> here. here.

I just upgraded from Thinkpad to Dell Inspiron 8000 (the most advanced
laptop on the planet right now):

Pentium 3 on 850Mhz
15" TFT Screen (1400x1050)
ATI Mobility M4 with 32MB video RAM
8x internal Toshiba DVD player (now region free)
8x internal Sony CDRW with 8MB buffer (yes CD and DVD are internal and you
can copy CD to CD, this is the only laptop in the world that can do this
without any external drives)
IEEE 1394 (fire wire port is built in, great for video editing)
10/100 mini-pci Intel EtherExpress 100 NIC
56kpbs fax/modem
2 batteries

plus all usual junk.

> the problem is that it comes with a 3com-pci 10/100 ethernet+56.6 modem
> combo. anyone tried configuring this????
> help?

RH 7.0 should have already modules for your network card so installation
should be straight forward. Modem is winmodem as far as I know. Some people
had some sucess in making them work under Linux.