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Re: Tha Gnoo publeek lie-sense ;) Re: news/nntp

> > > And, Like pine tin is not Free software
> > haa??? what are u saying????
> > pinku gone mad???
> No. He is perfectly sane. What he means is that tin doesn't have 
> the GNU tag in it. And any thing which doesn't have a GNU tag is *evil*.

for a person to agree to that... hes gotta be stupid. as stupid as going
in 4 proprietary s/w ... as it does the same thing... "its me or no one"
GNU too has a long way to go before it becomes truly "revolutionary" for
what it is now is just "a different evil".
tin releases its code.. and that shud be enuf for us to accept it.

> Also notice the capital F in "Free".
> "Free" as many other words is another perfectly sensible english
> term hijacked by the GNU cartel, and given proprietary connotations. :-P

i hereby restrict the use uf "a**" to "my a**". any use of it will result
in serious legal action.