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Re: How to run Disk Druid in a running system?

  Your problem is similar to which i faced two weeks back.;-)
I have experimented few things with fdisk So
it may help you. First take the backup of data as well as fdisk /dev/hda -> then press p ,now cut and paste the entire thing to a separate file similary for df -h. 

WARNING: Use my idea at your own risk.

Suppose u have /dev/hda5 as the extended file system
now /dev/hda6 and /dev/hda7 (assuming no further part.)are the two different within that.Now if u want to grow the hda6 combine of hda6 & 7 simply delete those and create one by remembering their block initials. means if hda6 was 8-10 (just e.g) and hda7 was 11-12 then create the hda6 from 8-12,now you must not to format the hda6 , becoz all the data of hda6 part. will be there only,but u will loose the data of hda7.So again precaution. 
Now suppose you again want the same partition table simply delete hda6 and recreate hda6 (8-10),and hda7 (11-12), you will get the same data lying on hda6 & hda7 part. as before.:-)
In either of case you must remember their block initials.

One my friend somehow corrupted the partition table,
but luckly he was having the backup of partition table of that m/c on a different m/c means where and what blocks etc allocated to which partition and mount points, Then we recovered the whole data without losing any bit of data.
This method depends how is the structure of partition table, i was't to do anything with root, so take care.
Best of luck !

Yashpal Nagar
Ajay Anand <AjayA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Wrote---

I have added a new Harddisk to my running Linux system, now I want to
extend my / and /home partition. But I dont know how to invoke disk
druid after installation. 

Pls help me.

Thanks in advance

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