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Vishvkarama installation problem

Hi Manish,

The modules you need are documented in the INSTALL file:

Digest::MD5, CGI::Pretty, Convert::BER , Convert::ASN1 ,
Net::LDAP , Quota , Crypt::PasswdMD5


-- Raju

>>>>> "manish" == manish k arya <manish_arya@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    manish> hi!  i m facing problems with installation of Vishvkarma
    manish> admin tool problem is that after installing software when
    manish> i run it http://hostname.some/menu/manager it gives
    manish> Pretty.pm module error after providing this module it
    manish> gives autoload.pm LDAP.pm module error i searhed for
    manish> LDAP.pm module on http://search.cpan.org but there was no
    manish> such module available what should i do?  pls help!!!!!!!!!

    manish> manish

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