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Re: Qmail configuration


> I have configured Qmail in a server called new.ab.com

> When I check with new.ab.com with a command
>  Telnet 25 ( to test smtp ), the
> following is the output.
> "Unable to Connect to remote host; Connection refused."

it looks like that qmail-smtp is not running! how did u install qmail? What
distro r u running? With red hat or other rpm based distros, i wud suggest
that u get a .src.rpm of qmail and install from that. That shud solve many
of the problems!!

> "This communication is for the exclusive use of the intended recipient/s
> and  shall  not  attach  any liability on the originator. It may contain
> information  which is  confidential  and legally privileged and the same
> shall not be used or dealt with by any third party in whatsoever
> manner."

Can't u remove these kinds of signatures from your e-mails to the list!!!! u
r just wasting bandwidth for everyone! (BTW do these kinda signatures help
in actually defend a company against liablity!)

    /\ |\/| |3 /\ r