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Re: inn/nntp

Hi Neil,

>>>>> "neil" == neil  <thereisnotanidleft@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    neil> well dearests....  please help.  i am in a fix. vsnl
    neil> provides news services but doesnot allow talking. so i
    neil> cannot just use rtin. i need to configure my innd
    neil> properly. which is where i end up in the pit. who the hell
    neil> do i get innd to update its active file so that i may
    neil> atleast select which groups i want to join??? how do i get
    neil> it to download the messages from those groups... help
    neil> me. and help me NOW!

Some points:

1. Last time I checked VSNL, it had blocked NNTP port (119) to all
   sites except news.vsnl.net.in.  And their news server had neglible
   groups and pretty early expiry of articles.  However, this might
   have been changed.

2. If you need a news server of your own, try leafnode instead of
   inn.  It has some nice features which makes it useful for small

Hope this helps,

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