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Re: X Managers

There are about dozens of window manager
fvwm,olvwm (comes with slackware),twm,icewm,wmaker,lesstiff,afterstep,nextstep and soon. The list is continue to grow.
just write xinit on the console then write
exec icewm to run icewm window mang. and similarly for others.
Almost (except olvwm)all get installed when u choose the everything option during boot time but if not installed then make a search in google , u will definitely get it.
enjoy !


Yashpal Nagar

"Jasmeet S. Virdi" <virdi@xxxxxxxxxxxx> Wrote---
Hi folks !!!
   i am using KDE and FVWM, they work fine, i was just thinking of
 could u plz suggest some x managers which i can try out.. and where can i
get them..

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