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Re: Please help friendz

--- Aditya Singh <aditya_ic@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: > I have
already tried that but of no avail.
> Normal xwindows runs fine. Only terminal does not
> show whatever
> i type.
> thanx
> Aditya
The problem is there in RH 6.1, but not there in RH
6.0 , RH 6.2 or RH 7.0. The problem is actually with
the configuration of SiS card. SuSE has a solution for
this in the form of a SiS specific X-server. The
problem has been discussed in one of the back issues
of PC Quest.You can try (1) upgrade XFree86 server (2)
upgrade RH ditro (3) try SuSe distro, Caldera eDesktop
2.3 etc. You can also try tweaking around your Xterm
under Gnome or KDE. It will be easier under KDE.
Hope it should help you.

- narsingh

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