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Re: does RH7 have Apache, Mysql

Hello Aditya,

>>>>> "a_bajaj" == A Bajaj(h) <adityabajaj@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    a_bajaj> Hi, Iam planning to get the Red Hat 7 CD. I wanted to
    a_bajaj> know if Red Hat 7 contains
    a_bajaj> 1) Postgres 2) MySql 3) Apache Server
    a_bajaj> or will have to get the three of them seperately.

A 3-CD pack surely has these packages.  If you manage to get a
stripped down 1-CD version, you'll have to check, though chances are
these important packages will be there.

    a_bajaj> Also could anyone please tell me the URL from where I
    a_bajaj> could download RH7.0?

Try http://www.redhat.com/mirrors.html


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