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Re: Please Explain This


You recompiled the kernel, moved the bzImage, and then did a "make clean"
you copied over a kernel from another machine.

When you make a kernel, System.map is generated too with the external kernel
symbols.  These are required by some "system-aware" programs, especially
those that look at kmem or /proc.

Either find the System.map that was made when you compiled the kernel, or
re-compile, and when you mover bzImage to /boot, move System.map too.


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Subject: [linux-delhi] Please Explain This

> I dont know why this message comes up every time i run one or other
> command
> and Please explains the details of this message
> esp. what is there in the
> System.map file
> and if anbody knows he can explain this file to me as well as
> these so looking functions
> {do_munmap} {unmap_kiobuf}
> Warning: /usr/src/linux/System.map does not match kernel data
> Im using linux 2.4.1 over Debian 2.2 r0
> Thanks
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