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Re: New version of lilo supports large hdds

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From: "Sandip Bhattacharya" <sandipb@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> On Fri, Feb 16, 2001 at 06:00:09PM +0530, Ambar Roy merrily said:
> > out for some time, which does support large hdd support if yr bios does.
> Which motherboards available right now in Delhi support larger HDD?
> Does the new intel 815E MBs support this tuff?

Yes.  Me.  815EEAA being used with 30GB Barracuda (Raju, that's how I know).

Video is perfect, Sound I havent got round to using.  I am not into music
while I work, so this is something I will get to Real Soon Now.

The 1024 limit disappeared in lilo over a year ago, it is great to keep
hearing making a /boot as a solution for all boot problems.