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Kernel upgrade : RPM version dependencies??

I am using Red Hat Linux 6.2 (2.2.14-12) on a Compaq PL 400 server, which
comes with a NC3169 LAN Card on board. The system was fine with eepro100 LAN
driver. This server is to be used as Proxy. I installed another LAN Card
Compex: Realtek: RTL8139. With this I started getting problem, the moment I
defined two separate networks, with routes etc.. defined. None of the card
use to ping itself. When both the cards were on the same network, it worked
but failed to ping itself after a while, or 1 packets received and "n"
failed kind of error. After a lot of frustation, I found via the net that
there are problems with the realtek module in this Kernel version, and has
been improved in later versions.

Went through PCQuest August'2000 article for Kernel Upgradation. Found that
in the process kernel-doc, kernel-headers, kernel-source, kernel-ibcs,
kernel-utils, initrd also have been upgraded to the 2.2.16-3, using
individual *.i386.rpm files. Found from the net that kernel-2.2.17-14 is the
latest RedHat 6.2 upgrade available. Downloaded kernel-2.2.17-14.i686.rpm.
Thought of proceeding ahead with "rpm -ivh kernel-2.2.17-14.i686.rpm",
suddenly recollected Raju Mathur's recent experience of RPM Version upgrade
experience, posted on this forum recently.

My Question:

Would  "rpm -ivh kernel-2.2.17-14.i686.rpm" be enough (with boot image etc
steps) or do I also need to install individually kernel-* RPMs mentioned in
the PCQ article for the 2.2.17-14 version?? Will RPM version upgrade also be
required considering the
fact that kernel-2.2.17-14.i686.rpm is dated February 2001?? How do I check
that it is required or not required?


Should I buy a Compaq NC3121 card seperately and upgrade to kernel-2.2.16-3
as available in Aug PCQ CD??

Which other Network Cards by Brand Name available in New Delhi are RH6.2

Anand Shankar