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Re: Remote boot


> has anybody tried remote boot with linux server. I mean we have diskless
> nodes with lan cards having bootable ROM. and we have an RHL 6.2 or 7.

read the linux diskless howto. (or something similar) and search google for
the info. Pcquest also had an article on this, so u cud go to
www.pcquest.com/linux . I had tried this once last year. and it was quite
simple. basically u set up tftp for the kernel, and then u do a nfs mount
for the other partitions. I used this for simple xterminals with good
results. (though the comps did hav hdd.. this was an acedemic excercise) Now
i wan't to know that is there any remote deployment server available for
linux, something to the win2k deployment wizard, that uses boot rom enabled
lan cards to do remote deployment.

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