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[ANNOUNCE] Cricket scoreboard for linux version 0.9pre1

Hi all,

This is to let you know that version 0.9pre1 of "Cricket scoreboard
for linux" has been released.  This is a nifty program which sits on
top of your desktop showing latest scores from a cricket match.  It
picks up the data from Rediff.com servers.  This program is available
from http://scoreboard.sourceforge.net

Changes since last release:  
This program now works behind a HTTP proxy.  Basic skin support has
been added, and four skins have been included by default.

License: GNU Public License

Disclaimer: This program is not supported by rediff.com in any way.

Requirements: gtk+ 1.2, gnome-libs, (any recent linux distribution
like Redhat6.2 or Debian/Potato has these installed by default).

Installation and download links: Available at the website.

Feedback is welcome.  Please send bugs and improvements at the above
email address.  In case you feel appropriate, please forward this to
your local city LUG.

Best wishes,
Lokesh Setia.

When we get back, I'll drop a line - The Doors.