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Trying to install merit radius!

I was trying to install merit radius 3.6B but getting stuck at many points.
Just a newbie in C.
1. It was complaining that sys_errlist in /usr/include/stdio.h +553 is conflicting. Tried commenting out - suceeded the compilation proceeded.
2. Shadow password enabled.
Somewhere in Make file it says
LIBS = -lshadow
 but no libshadow.a
i am using linux 2.2.9-19mdk (mandrake)
Tried changing it to
LIBS = -lcrypt
it further went smooth but now..
3. a utility
radcheck.c +97
FILES  *msgfd
causes error msg
"initialisation element is not constant"

I am now lost.Any clues.
Vinod abraham.

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