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Re: rpm problems

I dont use RH myself, but could your RPM[1] Installer, rpm[2], be
out-of-date?  In which case,

rpm -ivh rpm-3.0-i386.rpm

should do the trick.

[1] RPM: The Package format
[2] rpm: the executable that manages packages

> On Sun, 11 Feb 2001, Neil wrote:
> > just a little problem i cant get around of...
> > whenever i try to install an rpm >=3 (version number) i get an error:
> >
> > [root@medusa /root]# rpm -ivh centericq-3.13.3-3.Linux-i586.rpm
> > only packages with major numbers <= 3 are supported by this version of
> > error: centericq-3.13.3-3.Linux-i586.rpm cannot be installed